Jackie Balzer

Hi! I'm Jackie Balzer, and I build websites.

I'm Head of Front End Development for Behance and Portfolio as part of Adobe. I'm a product- and design-minded engineer, manager and team lead focused on building meaningful products and empathetic teams, designing well-architected front-end systems, and sharing knowledge and experiences through public speaking. I love bringing designs to life with code.

About me 💅

I'm happiest at the intersection of development, design and people. I think great products are built by happy people, and I love helping foster those relationships, skills and environments. My favorite days are spent working across disciplines: building features while learning a new framework, bringing designs from mockup to production-ready code, or cleaning up technical debt; collaborating with designers, product owners and stakeholders; and mentoring engineers to hone their UI, UX, performance and accessibility skills.

Most important to me is bringing people together and growing passionate, empathetic teams. I believe the best products are the result of teams who care deeply not only for their work and their users, but also for each other.

Outside of work I love to hang out with my cat Ned, read memoirs written by people I've never heard of (they are always fascinating), travel, eat and drink adventurously, and lounge in large bodies of water (ask me about my pool floatie collection!).

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